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A cardboard box makes a child’s day

As a Mississippi family patiently awaited the delivery of their new refrigerator from Lowe’s their 6-year-old son patiently awaited the delivery of that refrigerator box.

He wanted to build a space ship out of that box.

Two weeks had gone by before that Lowe’s delivery truck finally pulled up.

But when driver rolled the refrigerator up the driveway 6-year-old Brandon was disappointed to see that there was no box.

The Lowe’s driver could feel the heartbreak. So, after installing the refrigerator he drove all the way back to the store, picked up a refrigerator box and brought it back to Brandon.

His mom posted to Facebook thanking the driver for going above and beyond. She said, “there’s one thrilled 6-year-old in my house this morning who also learned an important lesson today about kindness.”

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