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Immigrants ask Gov. Inslee for help on Independence Day

Governor Jay Inslee met with the Families Belong Together Coalition on Wednesday to hear their stories. (KIRO 7 image)

The Families Belong Together Coalition brought together a group of immigrants and refugees to share their stories with Gov. Jay Inslee and first lady Trudi.

They included an undocumented immigrant who says she was separated from her four children.

“Aurora” told us she was deported to Mexico after she called police to report her husband for domestic violence.

“I was thinking that they were going to help me because they’re the police and instead they arrested me and shortly after deported me,” she said in an interview before speaking with the governor.

After five years of separation, she sneaked back into this country to be with her children. She attended last Saturday’s massive rally at the Federal Detention Center in SeaTac — in support of the mothers separated from their children.

“What is happening, it’s inhumane. If you are human, I think you know that, it’s inhumane. And I think we, everybody should be doing something about it.”

Gov. Inslee told the group Washington State has sued to force the Trump administration to reunify families.

“We should never allow the separation of children from their families and I’m proud of my state that stood up against that effort,” he said.

The governor confirmed he’s refused a request to send Washington National Guard troops to the southern border.

“We had an informal request to send our helicopters there and we declined. We do not believe that’s the right thing.”

By Essex Porter, KIRO 7


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