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Shower thoughts: Shout outs for Seattleites on the road


It’s Wednesday, let’s do some Shower Thoughts. These are the random thoughts I have in the shower.

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Reason number 532 that I love the Pacific Northwest: it’s not 112 degrees in July. My lifelong friend Anthony is a weather man in Los Angeles. People are blaming him personally that it’s been over 105 in So-Cal. I’ll take 75 and cloudy to 105 in the shade any day.

Shout-outs to Seattleites

A few shout outs are in order:

Here’s to you angry Seattle bicyclist. Yes, believe it or not, there are cars on the road too. Your grimace and gesticulations when a car gets close to you is quite a show. Thanks for the entertainment.

Here’s to you guy who can’t parallel park. Just leave the tail end of your car sticking out into traffic. Throw on your hazards, you’re fine.

And here’s to you cross-against-the-light guy. That red stop hand means nothing to you. Don’t worry about that bus, I’m sure it will stop.

Seinfeld in the car again

If you have a Netflix account, Jerry Seinfeld just dropped 10 new episodes of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” It’s not the best batch of episodes he’s ever put out. The Washington Post says the series is out of gas, but I binge watched the whole thing, and really enjoyed the Zach Galifianakis, Dave Chapelle, and Jerry Lewis episodes. If you’re curious as to how comedians think, I still think there’s a little tread left on the tires.

Happy birthday mom and dad

My mom and dad’s birthdays are three days apart. They are this week.

So for three days, my Dad is a year younger than my mom. Happy Birthday to both of you.

Costco Polish dog

Even though I haven’t had one in years, bring back the polish sausage at Costco!

Rescued in Thailand

I still can’t believe they rescued every kid and the coach out of that cave in Thailand. If that was me, I don’t think I’d go into a confined space again for the rest of my life.


I just bought my first new clothes since the beginning of the year. It was kind of a goofy experimental resolution. I’m hoping it will make me think more before I buy stuff that I really don’t need. But I definitely needed some new shirts since I spill food on just about everything I own.

And finally, shout out to you. Thanks for listening to the Ron & Don Show. We appreciate it.

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