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texting and driving
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75 percent of King County drivers still love texting while driving

75 percent of drivers still believe it's safe to text and drive. (KIRO 7)

You’re probably reading this article on your phone in the car right now, which is why it’s the one year anniversary of the state’s new distracted driving law. But drivers appear to treating the law like a mere suggestion, considering that 75 percent of King County drivers still believe texting and driving is safe.

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King County Target Zero Task Force, which has a very long name, conducted a survey of 900 drivers and found that most don’t believe they’ll crash if they look at their phone instead of the road, reports KIRO7.

“Seventy-five percent of people think they can text drive safely,” said KIRO Radio’s Tom Tangney. “But by the same percentage, 75 percent of drivers can’t drive and text safely. It’s not so much the law they’re against; they just don’t like it when it applies to them.”

The Electronics DUI law prohibits drivers from using any electronic device while driving, even when they’re stopped at red light, so you’re not that annoying person holding up everyone else. You are allowed to use the phone in an emergency situation, like if you just got into an accident because of texting while driving.

Officers who catch you playing with your phone can issue a $136 for the first offense, and a $234 fine if it’s your second within five years. Clearly one text every five years is the best approach.

Is texting and driving the result of loneliness?

“It was Louis CK who said, ‘You’re not comfortable with yourself. Learn to be comfortable with boredom. Learn to be alone,'” noted KIRO Radio’s John Curley. “Enjoy your ability to sit in your car with no sound. Enjoy the fact that for a moment you are within your own thoughts, and you don’t need anyone else.”

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“But you have to constantly be connected because you are uncomfortable with yourself. And that is why you text and drive.”

Since many of those in the survey were way too honest about their habits, several police departments will be adding extra E-DUI patrols this week.

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