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Why does King County want to make guns a health care issue?

(File, Associated Press)

Record level gang shootings. Officers killed in the line of duty. But the focus continues to be on you and your legal firearms. Now, the King County Council intends to piggyback on new Seattle laws to make your firearms illegal in unincorporated King County.

They don’t care about the government heroin dens. They don’t care about gang violence. But they want the King County Board of Health to oversee the new “safe storage” ordinance.

They also want to force gun stores to put up signs to warn about the health effects of owning a gun. But legal gun owners are way more responsible than the average citizen. This is the same board of health that wants to hand out heroin. Yet they want gun owners to be penalized, making it harder to be a law abiding gun owner.

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They want to put up signs warning about the health dangers of guns in gun stores. But what about all the pot shops, drive thru pot stores, record number of DUI deaths and accidents in our state? And kids getting stabbed by heroin needles.

Why aren’t they focusing on these sorts of issues?

Gun owners buy guns to have at the ready, in case someone breaks into their house. They don’t want them in storage; they want to be able to use them if something terrible happens.

We’re not going to follow these laws. And they can’t enforce them.

But the King County Council wants to make this a “health” issue. Why? Because you can’t vote on health care related issues.

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