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If you want a cultural city, stop electing corrupt leaders

A listener to the program told me about his son who walks to school through a homeless camp in a school zone every day. He said that after his son told him about the homeless that he had to walk past, he decided to take the walk to school himself to see what it was like.

He said he was yelled at and threatened by homeless people.

Now, the listener is afraid his son may get “jumped” by these people on his way to school. This is in the Beacon Hill area and it is getting worse.

The listener said that he called his city council member, Bruce Harrell. Nothing has been done.

The camp is within a school zone. And the navigation team, who you’re supposed to call when you have a complaint, is right by the camp!

I decided to go by the camp myself and I took some video of it. I’ve contacted Bruce Harrell and the navigation team myself. I’m curious if they’ll get back to me about whether or not are ever going to do anything about this.

The Seattle City Council members are an embarrassment to this city. But you know who is not an embarrassment to the city? Our Seattle music scene.

And that music scene is up in arms about the possibility of The Showbox being torn down for new high rises.

Now, I would hate to see The Showbox go away. But, in another way, I would like to see it happen. Seattle liberals need to soak in the mire of what they are building — corruption.

If you want culture, stop voting for corruption. Stop funding criminal enterprises like Sound Transit that are only tearing things down.

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