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Barber convinces 10-year-old prankster he cut his ear off in viral video

(Free Images/Kelsey Johnson)

Dori got a kick out of a prank war that got a tad hair-raising at a barber shop in Florida.

Ten-year-old Vito thought that he would give his longtime barber, Jude, a good scare with a fake cockroach a few months back.

However, Jude got his revenge. After getting permission from the boy’s parents, the next time Vito came in for a haircut, Jude managed to convince the young prankster — with the help of a fake ear and fake blood — that he had accidentally cut his ear off.

The entire sequence can be viewed in the viral video here. (Warning: explicit language in video)

“The barber is getting hammered [online] for being too cruel, but I think it’s hilarious,” said Dori, calling the video “one of my favorite stories in I don’t know how long.”

Was the prank clever, or did it go just a hair too far? Text 98973 or comment here.

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