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Steve Mylett
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Bothell police remain tight-lipped over investigation into Chief Mylett

Bellevue Police Chief Steve Mylett. (KIRO 7)

Bothell police are being tight-lipped about the investigation into Bellevue Police Chief Steve Mylett.

Chief Mylett: I did not violate public trust

Bothell Police Captain Mike Johnson wouldn’t tell the Jason Rantz Show on 770 KTTH why Chief Mylett is being investigated.

“Currently, we are investigating allegations of a criminal nature that involve Steve Mylett,” he said. “Our investigation division is working diligently to go through what the allegations are and speaking to the people they need to speak to, find out the other parts of the investigation they need to find out about, and then we’ll move forward when that part’s complete.”

Mylett was placed on leave Aug. 2 after an allegation was brought to Bothell police about an incident that occurred more than a year ago. Mylett said he was “not exactly sure what the allegation is.”

Allegations have been made against Chief Mylett and two other officers. One officer was accused of sexual assault and has been on leave since May. Another officer resigned last week, shortly after he was arrested and charged with domestic violence involving a woman he allegedly had an affair with. That woman allegedly sent the former officer text messages stating she had an affair with his boss, but never mentioned who that was by name or rank.

Bothell Captain Johnson would not comment on whether investigators have reached out to Mylett.

“Until a police department reaches out to you, it certainly would be reasonable to say, I don’t know what the allegations are, I have not heard from that police department. That would be a reasonable statement to make,” Johnson said.

Typically, investigators will gather as much information as they can before contacting the accused person — unless it’s a crime of a serious nature.

Since his first comments last week, Mylett has further commented on the allegations against him.

“The only connection that I have with that officer’s situation is that he’s an employee, or was an employee, for the City of Bellevue, and I’m chief of police,” Mylett previously said. “That’s it. There is no other connection. There is no connection.”

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