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Metro bus ad depicts Seattle officials as gangland figures


Well, will you look at that! A bus ad that depicts Seattle’s corrupt politicians in proper style — gangsters.

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A tip of the hat to listener Jenny who drew my attention to this. Let’s see more of this work!

King County Metro responded Thursday evening via Twitter:

KIRO Radio’s Chris Sullivan later spoke with King County Metro, who clarified that there was never such an ad that was approved to run on the back of that bus.

I spoke today with the sign’s artist on Friday while filling in on the Dori Monson Show. The artist, who goes by the name Apostrophe, has been creating protest art to start a conversation about Seattle’s disastrous leadership. His previous work can be viewed at the @visitorguidance Twitter account.

“Since the liberals, Andy Warhol and the rest of these guys, have been telling us forever that artists really are reflective of society, I thought, ‘You know what, that’s really true, but the challenge is, in this environment, the media won’t get conservative art out,'” he said. “We’ve got to go put it out there in their face.”

Apostrophe does not fear being arrested for his form of protest since, as he said, jail time for him while homeless drug dealers are walking free would only serve to drive his point home.

“Would that not be a beautiful thing, to face Dan Satterberg and say, ‘It’s great that you want to prosecute me but not the drug criminals; all I’m doing is exposing the fact that you’re inept at your job,'” Apostrophe laughed.

This is not the end of Apostrophe’s movement. People have come forward in droves to help fund the next round of signs. And as long as our public officials continue to fail at their jobs, Apostrophe intends to keep making art exposing their incompetence.

“Hopefully in the end it causes a conversation that brings some reform in the way we govern ourselves here — one-party rule has ruined the area, and it’s a tragedy,” he said. “I used to take my kids to the market for a fun day with Dad. Now I won’t take my grandkids because it’s too dangerous.”


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