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Progressives livid they don’t own Paul Allen

Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul Allen. (AP)

Seattle Progressives are seething after learning they don’t own Paul Allen, thanks to a report that revealed the former Microsoft co-founder donated a small amount to the Republican Party.

Originally reported by The Seattle Times, this donation isn’t a story. It’s not shocking. It’s neither unheard of, nor even very interesting. The reaction, however, is worth our time because it betrays the ego and hypocrisy of Seattle Progressives who love you, so long as you believe everything they do.

Allen donated $100,000 to keep Republicans in control of the House. The nerve! Apparently, wealthy people like to keep the money they’ve earned so that they can reinvest, contribute to charity, and support their family and lifestyle. Shocking, I know.

Progressive Twitter was not pleased with this discovery! From an Evergreen State College professor to a legislative aide for Seattle City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda, Progressives offered up a bunch of hot takes!

Allen has been labeled a racist and fascist and there have been calls for boycotts of his teams, the Seahawks and Trailblazers.

Their anger comes from an obvious place: ideologically, they generally don’t believe the rich should have as much money as they do, even when they’ve earned it; and the money they do have should be redistributed as Progressives see fit.

Allen’s priorities are diverse, however, which is why he donates his money to campaigns and causes on both sides of the aisle. Allen clearly holds Progressive social views, despite his small donation to the GOP. For example, Allen donated $1 million for the current gun control campaign in Washington and $2 million to the local initiative to ban the trafficking in endangered species. Progressive Seattle didn’t make a fuss when they learned of the donations because they approved of them.

While I presume some of his GOP support has to do with that fact that Republicans don’t villainize businesses the way Democrats do and help people like Allen hold on to the money they earned, what Progressive Seattle doesn’t seem to acknowledge is that the money he keeps – thanks to Republicans – ends up getting funneled into jobs for Seattle (there’s Vulcan and all those construction jobs it brings!) and progressive initiative campaigns that impact the entire state.

If anything, Republicans should be mad Allen is exploiting their pro-business attitudes and then using the money to attack a Conservative agenda. But, Republicans won’t be mad. Why? A basic understanding that you should be free to do what you want with the money you’ve earned and not be dictated by angry, jealous activists who will happily spend your money because they’re unwilling to work for their own.

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