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Shower Thoughts: Bob Woodward is not fake news

It’s a short back-to-school week. Let’s do some three day weekend Shower Thoughts. These are the random things that go through my head in the shower.

Electric scooters

I’ve seen the future and it’s called the electric scooter. I was in Portland last weekend and down there they have orange ride share bikes that lock and Lime electric scooters. I thought I had to spend my dollar and try one out for show research.

Of course I didn’t wear a helmet, but it unlocked easily with the app on my phone, it was fun to ride, and it had good power. I saw all your complaints online. Yes, they will be on the sidewalk, and yes that means a bunch of electric scooters parked in strange places. But they do have a kickstand, which is nice.


Speaking of Portland, I did my little out of town homelessness check. They do have a lot of homeless people, and a dude did urinate in a doorway right in front me. But it’s way fewer tents on the street than here. Way fewer. As Don likes to say: can we close the campground already?

UW Huskies

Don’t know if you caught that UW Husky football game last Saturday. But wow. I’m not going to blame any individual player, but if you’re in the Red Zone on three drives and come away with zero points, you don’t deserve to win a big game against a ranked opponent on the road.

Seattle Storm

Speaking of sports, the Seattle Storm just made the WNBA Finals. I’ve heard of Sue Bird. That’s all I got. I should probably watch a game or two.

NFL anthem protests

One more time, the NFL Anthem protest is not anti-police or anti-military. Please listen for a minute to what it’s actually about.

Oh, and take your Nike’s off your feet before you set them on fire. That tweet from Phil Braun yesterday was a hoax, by the way. He didn’t actually burn his feet.

For all the other protestors, let me see if I understand your logic. You are going to destroy merchandise that you already paid for because a shoe company extended a contract with a man who’s thing is to exercise the same constitutional right that you are by protesting something he believes in? Kettle meet pot. You already paid for the Nike gear. Enjoy it or donate it to a veteran’s group.

Fake news … not really

Speaking of logical flaws, Bob Woodward is not fake news. He’s the realest of real news. If it’s in his new book “Fear: Trump in the White House,” it happened. It’s called reporting, and he’s on the Mt. Rushmore of American journalism.

What a way to bookend a career — Nixon on one end, Trump on the other. I’d like to say I’m going to read “Fear,” but I know it’ll be a doorstop of a book and ain’t nobody got time for that.

That’s it, water is getting cold. Shower Thoughts are over.


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