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Amazon plans to sell full-sized Christmas trees this winter

(Photo: Joanna Kosinska)

Amazon delivers about as many presents as Santa, so it’s not entirely surprising to hear that they’re getting into the Christmas tree business. Starting November, the online retailer will sell and ship full-sized Christmas trees right to your door.

“Take my money. I love this idea, having grown up with fake trees, so I never got into the tradition of a family going out,” said KIRO Radio’s Gee Scott.

“Last year, there were 27 million trees sold, with web orders accounting for one to two percent of that. That’s going to go up for people who didn’t have that family tradition.”

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The trees offered include Douglas firs and Norfolk Island pines, reports KIRO 7. Amazon plans to send them over within 10 days of being cut down, bound them up, and then ship them in giant boxes, so your neighbors don’t know you’re ordering Christmas trees online.

Will people order trees instead of getting their own?

“I think this a good idea for a number of people, including those who don’t have a car, or people who are typically unable to get a tree back to their place,” said co-host Drew Barth. “But I don’t think it’s going to get the same kind of widespread adoption as other parts of Amazon.”

“For a lot of people, going out and getting the Christmas tree is a big part of the tradition to begin with. Going to the grocery store is more of an errand. I don’t think people view getting a Christmas tree as an errand.”

A 7-foot Fraser fir will run you $115, and an accompanying wreath $50. If this takes off, Amazon will be supplying plenty of homes with the presents on the floor, and the tree above them. There’s no word yet on whether the delivery drivers will sing carols.

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