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Volunteers from Pacific NW head to Carolinas to help during hurricane

Volunteers from the Pacific Northwest have flown to the Carolinas to help those who will be in the path of Hurricane Florence this week.

Betsy Robertson with the American Red Cross, who flew out from Sea-Tac Airport Wednesday, told KIRO 7 via Skype she was surprised how full her flight was, but also knew why.

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“I overheard a woman on the plane sitting across the aisle from me saying she lives in Ocean Shores. She was coming out here to be with her daughter and her grandchildren to help them get through the storm,” said Robertson.

Robertson said that as flew toward the monster storm, she knew she wasn’t alone. Thousands are going to help those in the path of Hurricane Florence.

“The reason so many of us come in from out of state is that we want to make sure the Red crossers who are here locally are able to take care of themselves,” said Robertson.

The storm could bring days of heavy wind and rain to the Carolina coast.

Volunteers from the Pacific Northwest include Quincy Walker with World Vision.

“I will get deployed Friday or Early Saturday morning and we’re just going to try to get as close to the storm as possible,” said Walker.

Our cameras caught up with him as he loaded food kits and relief supplies to ship out. It’s the first time Walker will ship out to a disaster.

“I’m absolutely pumped because that’s just our mission to be out and serve the most vulnerable,” said Walker.

Robertson says 36 shelters have already opened, along with evacuation centers. Though she’s a responder headed into danger, she hopes others run from it.

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