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Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court Nominee
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Jason Rantz


Medved: Kavanaugh fight shows liberal hypocrisy


Whatever the final outcome of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation fight, the struggle has exposed the hypocrisy of Democratic opinion leaders in stark, glaring terms.

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They seek to destroy Judge Kavanaugh over uncorroborated charges about drunken teenaged incidents 36 years ago, while they rally behind sitting Congressman Keith Ellison, their party’s candidate for Attorney General in Minnesota, despite charges from his former girlfriend of physical and emotional abuse this year.

No, I can’t say definitively whether Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers are making false charges. I also don’t know that Ellison’s accuser is telling the truth, despite her evidence from text messages and medical professionals. The one certain conclusion is that Democratic support for an aggrieved woman’s charges against a conservative, even as they dismiss another woman’s charges against a prominent liberal, demonstrates an appalling application of double standards.

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