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Lockdown lifted at Shoreline school after ‘potential threat’

Update: The teen suspect from Thursday’s threat to Shorewood High School in Shoreline has been arrested.

King County Deputy Ryan Abbott says the 14-year-old student was arrested at his home Thursday afternoon. Detectives have not found a weapon. The boy’s parents are cooperating with police.

“He was booked into the youth service center for investigation into felony harassment,” Abbott said.

Original story

A Shoreline school was briefly placed on lockdown Thursday morning after officials reported an online threat and a “presence on campus.”

Students are safe and have been sent home from Shorewood High School in Shoreline. The school was placed on lockdown around 8:41 a.m. All doors and windows were locked and students were not allowed to leave their classrooms. Parents were asked not to enter the campus. The lockdown was removed around 10:45 a.m.

Sgt. Ryan Abbot with the King County Sheriff’s Office said that the concern began with a 14-year-old male student Wednesday night.

“We got a vague threat last night through Snapchat,” Abbott said. “A student had posted something, holding an item. People at the school believed the item was possibly a gun. So they called the school resource officer last night. It was decided that this morning when everybody got to school that they would look into this a little further just to make sure. The student who posted the video did not show up to school. After further investigation, and a modified lockdown … they determined that the threat was not valid”

The school also reported “an additional presence on campus” Thursday morning. After students were placed on lockdown, some reported seeing the suspected student on school grounds.

“Just prior to opening the school back up to normal, there were several students who reported they thought they had seen the suspect with a gun at the school, so the school went into full lockdown and multiple officers responded and a check of the entire school … was done by officers on scene,” Abbott said. “The suspect was not located.”

“After the search was done, multiple students started getting text messages from the suspect saying he was coming to the school and that he was going to cause problems when he got there,” he said. “It was determined by the school district at that time that they would release all the kids and have them go home early for the day.”

Officers remained on scene while students left Shorewood High School. Police are currently trying to locate the suspect. Abbott said that there is probable cause to arrest the student for making threats to other students.


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