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Video: Pro-choice man roundhouse kicks female pro-life activist

UPDATE: Jordan Hunt, 26, the man who attacked Marie-Claire Bissonnette, turned himself in over the weekend. He has been charged with eight counts of assault. It turns out that this isn’t his first attack on pro-lifers — Jordan Hunt allegedly assaulted another woman at a pro-life rally this past summer, as can be seen in this video. He allegedly tried to grab a sign and shoved the woman into a pole.


I am seeing so much evil politically right now. When we turn over our streets to drug addicts for the sake of money. When we populate City Hall with bureaucrats but don’t have enough cops to keep our residents safe. And then there’s the evil that was unleashed on a pro-life activist on the streets of Toronto in one of the world’s most-viewed YouTube videos of this week.

A woman named Marie-Claire Bissonnette who is part of a pro-life organization goes out with her fellow pro-life advocates holding signs. They don’t have any photos of aborted fetuses or any of that — they just have words. We’re free to have opinions in the United States and Canada. This pro-life organization is just out on the street to hold signs and pray.

“It’s expected to be a silent witness, and so a lot of people are just praying silently,” Bissonnette told me in an interview on Thursday. “We’re not supposed to initiate conversation at all.”

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Then this longish-haired, pentagram-wearing hipster comes up to them, and let me tell you — you could not go to Central Casting and get a better Millenial hipster guy. He starts running around tearing up this group’s signs and using a Sharpie to write on the clothing of the pro-life activists, including that of a 10-year-old girl. So to him, it’s alright to destroy private property, if it’s the property of a pro-life activist.

The hipster starts posing questions to the pro-life demonstrators.

“If somebody gets raped by somebody, and they’re like, ‘I am a 16-year-old and I can’t have this baby,’ do you think you should keep it?” he says, making a thumbs-up, thumbs-down gesture like a real hipster dude.

Bissonnette starts to answer the question.

“It’s a baby,” she replies. “If someone is raped and she gave birth, then she decided to kill her 3-year-old child.”

That’s when this guy winds up and unleashes a roundhouse kick on this petite young woman on the street, hitting her in the shoulder and knocking her phone to the ground. All because she has a different opinion than him. It is so shocking, so disturbing, to see a man roundhouse kick a woman.

“I meant to kick your phone,” the man says, as the she yells, “Do not touch me,” and asks her friends to call the police.

That’s his defense? He meant to kick her phone? As if that would be okay. That would be acceptable in his view, destroying a costly piece of her property. But you would have to kick at least her hand to kick her phone.

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Thankfully, Bissonnette wasn’t seriously hurt. But the man did steal a ribbon pinned to her chest before running off, which she called “an invasion of privacy.” He hasn’t been caught, though he has been fired from the hair salon he worked at.

“I would like to see some sort of charge pressed against him — at the very least, a restraining order,” Bissonnette said. She said that rather than seeing him go to jail, she would like to see him change to become a good person.

This guy was filled with so much hate. That is the intolerance of the left. This is what we’re seeing now. You can agree or disagree with Bissonnette’s views on abortion and when life begins. But increasingly, what we are seeing from the left is, “I disagree with you, therefore I hate you, therefore I should be able to kick you on the street corner.”

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“He needs to know, and other people need to know, that just because you disagree with someone doesn’t warrant, doesn’t allow, or justify physical violence,” she said.

Can you imagine the outcry if this were reversed, and a man on the right had kicked a woman on the left? But the hypocrisy and double-standards of our era mean that the left can get away with anything, while the right cannot even voice an opinion without being harassed and even violently attacked.

I found a video of Marie-Claire Bissonnette singing the alto part in a small ensemble in a University of Toronto concert earlier this year, and another of her singing a solo at Ontario’s Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College six years ago. She sings like an angel. That’s when it occurred to me — this is truly good versus evil. She sings like an angel, and a guy wearing a pentagram necklace attacks her.

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