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Tom Shillue


Lessons from the Kavanaugh climax


For three reasons, confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh has been a damaging disaster for Democrats.

First, those Democrats have been indignant in defeat, and America hates sore losers.

New talk of impeaching Kavanaugh, or continuing to smear him, only makes the Democrats look extreme and vicious. Second, the whole Kavanaugh fight united Republicans more than ever before, with even Trump skeptics appreciating his strong defense of a good man and outstanding judge.

Third, the Democrats’ implacable and irrational hysteria toward Kavanaugh shows that Trump’s not the only one to blame for our present polarization. The president may be rude and crude, but even the most main-stream, polished conservative–like Kavanaugh–will draw the irrational wrath of the apocalyptic left. Republicans learned we can only survive by working together–and fighting back.

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