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Shower Thoughts: I never imagined Sears would go bankrupt

(MyNorthwest, Unsplash)

I get the most random thoughts sometimes when I’m in the shower; I started writing them down. I call them Shower Thoughts.

The Seahawks’ jaunt to London

It sure seems like the NFL really wants to put a team in London. That would make for an interesting dynamic for a team sport. It’s not that much longer of a flight than when the Seahawks play the Dolphins or the Chargers play the Patriots, but it’s a world away. Talk about a home field advantage.

Speaking of London, the Seahawks take on Beastmode himself on his hometown team, the Oakland Raiders, on Sunday in England. Now that Marshawn Lynch has been away from the Hawks for a few seasons, I think he’s among my top five NFL players of all time. My list, in no particular order:

1)      Lynch

2)      John Elway

3)      Earl Campbell

4)      Earl Thomas

5)      Barry Sanders

Fall weather is here

Ugg. I turned on my heated car seat for the first time this fall. I held out as long as I could. I know it’s dumb, but in my mind, the first time I turn on that heater means that I’ve given up on the warm weather.

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Also, give whoever thought of the heated car seat a raise. It’s the best feature of a new car since the in-dash CD player. I’m still holding out on the heater in the house though. It’s not been on yet!

Glacial growth for toenails?

I need a doctor to tell me if I’m right, but it sure seems that fingernails grow way faster than toenails. Surely someone knows the answer to this mystery? Text me at 98973.

Political ad nausea

You seen enough political ads yet? I’m always shocked that these things work, but with the amount of money spent, I’m assuming that they are effective. It seems to impact the 65+ age demographic the most. I am encouraged by the other end of the age spectrum. With nudges by people like Taylor Swift, hundreds of thousands of people are registering to vote for the first time. I truly think it should be majority rule in this country, no more electoral college.

Sears goes bankrupt

When I was a kid, nearly every trip to the mall with my folks included two things: an Orange Julius and stopping by Sears. I used to like looking at all the tools with my dad as the rest of the family was upstairs. If you told 10-year-old me that Sears would have to file for bankruptcy, he’d say you were crazy. But that’s what is happening today.

By the way, why did Roebuck get dropped from the name? He should team up with Strauss from Levi’s and form a new company – Roebuck and Strauss. Makers of fine denim and ratchet sets.

Music keeps us hopeful

Last but not least, there’s some good new music out. Doyle Bramhall II, the guitar guy that we play at the top of the show, has a new record out. It’s soulful and solid. Also, 21 Pilots just dropped a new album. They are eclectic and I like them a lot. So check both of those out.

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