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A Covington man helps take down an armed robber
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Covington man helps police officer wrestle suspected robber to ground

(Brynna Hutchison)

When Joe finished shopping at his local Costco on Sunday, odds are he didn’t expect to help bring a suspected criminal to justice.

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But as he drove through the parking lot, his wife noticed something going on in the distance: A police officer was wrestling with someone. So what did Joe do? What anyone should have done, he told KTTH’s Todd Herman.

“I pulled over there real quick, I jumped out, ran over, the officer was on his back trying to hold the guy down, and there were no other officers around,” Joe described. “I jumped in there, held him down, was able to get him off the officer, and then we got him cuffed and threw him into the car.”

Officers on the scene later told Joe that the man was wanted for suspected armed robbery.

“I’m not a hero,” Joe said. “You see somebody needs help, especially a cop, you go help them.”

“It’s what you’re supposed to do” he added.

Thankfully, his heroics proved fruitful and justice was ultimately served. And despite a handful of other people who stood by watching it all go down, Joe holds no ill will.

“Different people do different things, I’m not going to judge them,” he said.

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