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war of the worlds
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KIRO Radio performs ‘War of the Worlds’ live on air

Feliks Banel and voices from KIRO Radio perform radio play "War of the Worlds" at Seattle's Egyptian theatre, Oct., 25, 2018. (Matt Pitman, KIRO Radio)

Voices from KIRO Radio performed “War of the Worlds” at Seattle’s Egyptian Theatre on Oct. 26, 2018.

“War of the Worlds” is a 1898 novel by sci-fi writer H.G. Wells, which tells the story of an alien invasion of planet Earth. Martians descend upon the planet with advanced weaponry. The human race struggles to fight back.

When Orson Welles famously performed a radio play based on the novel in 1938, many listeners across the nation were unaware that it was a work of fiction, and believed that the Earth was actually being invaded by Martians. One such community was the Washington town of Concrete. Reports linger to this day about people running through the streets in a panic after hearing the “news” on the radio.

Read more about Concrete and “War of the Worlds” here.


Feliks Banel, War of the Worlds

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