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Shower Thoughts, Halloween Edition
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Shower Thoughts, Halloween Edition: Should you wear a costume to work?

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Welcome to a special Halloween Edition of Shower Thoughts. These are the random things that float through my head in the morning.

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I’m not a “wear a costume to work guy,” but maybe I should be. My logic is that it would be a major pain to do the show in any kind of costume. Comfort is key to execute a four hour radio show, and any costume is usually ill-fitting at best, and completely awkward at worst. The other possibility is that I’m a workplace grump. It’s a coin toss.

Do not give out candy corn tonight. Nobody wants it, it’s garbage, and you’re a bad person just for thinking about it. We should probably call Child Protective Services on anyone who hands out candy corn. It’s pretty much child abuse.

Speaking of abuse, can I give a tale of two customer service departments really quick? First, I had an issue with an Airbnb on our recent trip, I’ve been going back and forth with them for a little over a week, and they’ve been great — totally handled things professionally and completely reasonably. Kudos to Airbnb, nice job outta you.

The exact opposite has been the folks at MoviePass. This is the app that I pre-paid for entire year, that promised you could go see any movie at any theater, up to one a day, all for a small monthly fee.

Here’s the catch: You can’t do that anymore. They moved the goal posts, and now there are virtually zero movies available to see. They black out all the best times and movies. I asked for a partial refund.

They just give corporate platitudes. It’s infuriating. I absolutely love the idea of the app, but it doesn’t work. Buyer beware on this one.

Speaking of tech companies in some hot water, Facebook did not grow at all last quarter in the United States, and investors are not pleased. Shoutout to the one million Europeans that left the social media platform in the same quarter — good for you. I hope you spend that time outside exploring the non-digital world. Turns out there are amazing and interesting things to do in real life. Who knew?

Seriously, who in their right mind likes candy corn?

Remember to pack an umbrella tonight if you’re going trick-or-treating — it’s most likely going to be a wet one. Be safe, and remember: No candy corn.

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