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Olympia Bomb Threat
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Authorities identify suspect in weekly bomb threats to Olympia

An aerial photo of one of the five bomb threats called into the state Capitol over the last month plus. The latest threat hit Tumwater. (KIRO 7)

After being inundated with weekly bomb threats, authorities in Olympia now believe they’ve identified the man responsible.

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An investigative response across multiple local agencies identified Said Farzad as its primary suspect. A former psychiatrist out of Tacoma, Farzad is tied to 18 separate cases involving numerous agencies.

Farzad was arrested in 2014 for calling Molina Healthcare and threatening to shoot employees and bombing the facility. A KIRO 7 report on the incident said that he had repeated confrontations with Molina over denials to cover anti-depression medication he has prescribed to patients at his Tacoma office. He told KIRO 7 he had no memory of the threat, claiming that he blacked out from anger.

The investigative task force is in contact with authorities in Idaho, who say they have received threats from the suspect as well.

Farzad is thought to be out of the country at this time, last in the United States in June 2018. Arresting and bringing him to trial will remain difficult until he lands back on American soil. He has an active warrant in Pierce County for felony harassment.

The weekly threats began in late-September, when a bomb threat to Olympia’s Highway Licensing building was called in. Since then, threats were called in every Wednesday, most recently on Oct. 24 in Tumwater.

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