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John Curley pulls his annual ‘pumpkin’ prank

Since John’s son was a little kid, John has been putting Ry into the big box of pumpkins outside the local grocery store every fall. Whether it’s setting him inside to snap a cute Halloween photo or throwing him in as a prank, poor Ry has endured the pumpkin box prank for years.

That is until Ry outgrow his father. Not only is it physically impossible to pick up the young man and toss him in the box, he’s also outwitted John on numerous occasions.

Or has he? With the help of the staff at Ry’s school, John was able to set up a makeshift pumpkin “box” in the school’s office. They tricked him into coming down to talk with the principal where John was waiting for the perfect moment to toss his son into a pile of pumpkins.

Ahhh…. Family traditions.

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