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Ross: You cannot be turned away, they must let you vote

(AP Photo/Otto Kitsinger)

The State of Georgia seems to be ground zero for accusations of voter suppression this election season.

Democrat Stacey Abrams, former leader in the Georgia House, is running for governor against Brian Kemp. Kemp is the current secretary of state — the person who is running the election in Georgia. Abrams says Kemp’s office has been disqualifying voters for piddling details like a missing hyphen on an ID card.

“She has accused Kemp of suppressing Georgia’s vote, especially in minority communities,” one news report states. “Kemp has called those allegations ‘a farce.'”

This is all so unnecessary, by the way. Enlightened states just vote by mail. There are no lines, no one demanding your ID, your pay stub, utility bill, or a cheek swab. You sign the envelope and mail it in.

But even in states with fussy voter ID rules, there is no excuse for eligible citizens not to cast a ballot.

Federal law requires that if you are eligible to vote in a federal election, and you show up at your polling place, you cannot be turned away. Even if your name is not on the list, even if your ID is missing a hyphen — God forbid.

You sign a statement declaring under oath that you are eligible, and you get a provisional ballot. If you’re telling the truth, the ballot will count.

Now, I should also point out that if you’re caught lying, your ballot will be thrown out, and you could be thrown in jail as a felon, meaning your vote could be suppressed forever. But that would be on you.


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