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Complicit in crime: the Sound Transit Board

(Sound Transit)

The Sound Transit Board — a group of unelected rubber-stampers of this rogue agency’s many crimes and scams — is set to announce a big raise for the head of their criminal conspiracy, Peter Rogoff.

Next year, many of these same exact board members will be up for re-election to their day jobs as mayors and council members. Sound Transit doesn’t care what you think, they refuse to have board members elected, but you can and you should call the following people and tell them, if they give Peter Rogoff a raise, you will work day and night to make sure they are not re-elected.


Click here and find the person who pretends to represent your area of the jury-rigged Sound Transit taxing area, and call them at their day jobs and demand an answer: why would you ever consider giving Peter Rogoff a raise — or, even keeping him as the boss –when this man:

I could continue on for 20 more pages of Rogoff’s misdeeds. But, the case is made.

Call the Sound Transit board member in your area and tell them, if they give Rogoff a raise, you will commit to working to fire them from their day jobs.

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