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Dori: The election won’t save your soul — only you can do that

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The Seattle Times has a new social justice columnist. The headline of his latest column is, “Some elections are about issues. This one’s is about the soul of the country.” What he’s saying is, if you vote Democrat in the election today, then you are saving the soul of the country.

And of course he talks about how bad Trump is, how stupid Trump’s supporters are because they voted for an evil man, etc. To save the soul of the country, you have to vote Democrat and vote for left-wing causes, like the carbon tax and the anti-cop initiative.

I will tell you right now, if you turn to politics or to politicians for soul-saving, you’re probably beyond redemption, because you are looking in the wrong place. And I’m talking for both parties. The reason being, politicians, for the most part, are soulless. Their goal is to get enough money to buy enough votes so that they can get power and control, and surround themselves with lackeys. They are not in it for altruistic reasons. The only person who can help set your soul straight is you, not a politician.

If you vote Democrat, you’re voting for the party of Elizabeth Warren, who lied about her ethnicity in order to climb the political ladder. You’re voting for the party of Maxine Waters, who instructed people to publicly shut down those who are different than you politically. You’re voting for the party of Barack Obama, who told people that their premiums would go down; just this week, people in Washington state who are on Obamacare saw another massive rate hike.

Obama said the average family would save $2,000 a year — the average family is now paying $3,500 more per year. That’s a $5,500 per year lie that was told for a political cause. Is that saving our soul?

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Locally, you’re voting for the party of Jay Inslee, who lied to you on this show when he said he wouldn’t raise taxes; he has become the worst-rated governor in the country for tax hikes, costing people in our state tens of billions of dollars.

You’re voting for the party of Bob Ferguson, who puts politics above the state constitution, and has become an attack dog against anyone on the center or right. You’re voting for the party of the Seattle City Council, which worked feverishly to keep an accused child rapist in the mayor’s office and turned our city into a place full of criminal drug addict vagrants, rapists, and murderers. Is that saving our soul?

If you think that casting a ballot is redemptive in any way, you are lost. Seattle Times, spare me your moralizing about how righteous and virtuous the left is. I’ve got a long list that proves you wrong. And look, I could also come up with a list of Republicans who have done bad things, who have lied in office, because I think that most politicians, regardless of party, do these things. But, given that the message of this column, and of this entire election, is that by voting for Democrats and leftist causes, you are saving the soul of the country, I’m focusing on liberals. And that point of view — that a politician can set your soul straight — frankly strikes me as ignorance.

I don’t think that Trump’s election in 2016 helped the soul of this country, and I don’t think that any ‘Blue Wave’ will redeem our nation’s soul either. Politicians are not what it’s about. Your soul is about you. It’s about the way you treat other people. It’s about the way you live your life.

Republicans aren’t going to redeem your soul. But I guarantee you that Democrats are not going to save your soul either.

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