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Shower Thoughts with Ron Upshaw
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Shower Thoughts: Post-election hangover edition


Hey, let’s do some post-election hangover shower thoughts, shall we?

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These are the random thoughts ping-ponging through my noggin in the morning.

Good job on voting everybody — your prize is going to be at least several years of total gridlock, name-calling, bitterness, lies, and inefficiency. So we all have that to look forward to, which is nice.

And because I’m assuming that there are equal parts angry people and happy people depending on if your team won or lost, here’s a fun fact to cheer you up. Seven percent of American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. That’s over 16 million legal adults.

Speaking of statistical minorities, how about the voting turnout on the gun protection initiative? Passing an initiative in Washington by 60 percent of the vote is like the Seahawks winning 56-3. I believe it’s less about the specific language of I-1639 and more about a significant majority of people grabbing on to anything that might seem to slow the onslaught of gun violence.

Many of those voters were moms and women, which leads me to a big congratulations to the record number of women headed to Congress. You did it! What started with pink pussycat hats and marches has ended up with mostly Democratic women who decided that change started with them.

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We’ve seen what a bunch of men can do, and quite frankly, it’s unimpressive in my opinion. I welcome this new class to power. I’m begging you to show us a new way to govern not fueled by ego, greed, corruption, and testosterone.

Whew, things are getting heavy again, what’s another fun fact? The Cookie Monster’s first name is Sid… for real.

Here’s to you Nevada for electing the owner of a working brothel to the state assembly. Only one problem, he’s dead. Nice job out of you.

I’m looking forward to all the slicing and dicing of the votes across the country, but I still like to remind myself that the thing that makes America great, in my opinion, is everyday people making their world a little bit better today than it was yesterday. The Golden Rule still works: Treat your neighbor as yourself. Even if she voted differently than you did.

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