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December 2018 Charity of the Month: Friends of the Children

Friends of the Children has been named Bonneville Seattle’s Charity of the Month for December 2018. The Seattle chapter was founded in 2000 and is a youth development program that works to break the cycle of poverty and violence, prevent school dropout, teen parenting and criminal activity.

They do this work through selecting children at high risk of experiencing specific life outcomes, and making a 12 1/2 year commitment to them. Each child is paired with a salaried, professional mentor (a Friend), from kindergarten through graduation. The children enrolled in this program face the highest risks of school dropout, early parenting and criminal activity, with most living in poverty, experiencing trauma and moving frequently. Their mentors work to develop the potential of these children, while helping to set and achieve their goals through their consistent mentorship.

To learn more about their great work, click here.

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