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shower thoughts
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Am I right or am I wrong?

(MyNorthwest, Unsplash)

It’s Wednesday – time for my random thoughts that usually occur to me between shampoo and conditioner. I call them Shower Thoughts.

Days of the week

So we have Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday. Are there special names for Saturday and Sunday? If not, someone should really stake claim to those days. How about Snazzy Saturday?

Two wrongs don’t make it right

Don asked me yesterday if I need to be right about my online feud developing about immigrants and tear gas. I think I want to be right, but I know there are times when I’m probably wrong. I don’t think it’s wrong to want to be right, unless the desire to be right overtakes your ability to see when you’re wrong. Am I right?

Math is hard

I’m still puzzled by the international date line. I had a flight from Japan that left Tokyo at 6:50pm on Saturday evening. The flight was around 10 hours long, and we landed at 10am on … wait for it … Saturday morning. Say what? How is that possible?

Welcomes, towels, bidets

Speaking of Japan, there are a few things they do that I’d like to implement in our country. When you sit down at a restaurant, you are handed a warm towel to clean your hands. At fast food places, it’s a damp towel sealed in a plastic bag. What a great custom. Also, I found it quite nice to be acknowledged and greeted every time you enter a business of any kind. And finally, I think I want to buy a bidet now. Those are pretty nice once you figure out how to use it.

Tokyo’s mass transit

One last thought about Tokyo, it’s a joy to watch a mass transit system that works and runs efficiently. A metropolis with over 30 million people gets you where you need to go without a hitch. All for about $1.50 a trip. It is amazing.

Chill, Cam

What’s not amazing is Cam Newton. I love it when the Seahawks beat the Panthers just to watch how pouty and sulky Cam Newton gets. He’s an incredibly gifted athlete and he’s also amazingly thin skinned. I would be surprised if more than 40 percent of his teammates actually respect the guy.

Wishy washy on the Hawks

Speaking of football, I’ve flip flopped so many times on the Seahawks this year. I thought they’d be terrible, then I thought they were a .500 team. Then I thought they didn’t have a chance, then it seemed like they had the hot hand and were playoff bound, before I flipped again and thought they didn’t have a chance. Now I’m back to thinking they could be a playoff team. At least for this week anyway.

Missing Hendrix

And finally, Jimi Hendrix would have been 76 yesterday. He’s the greatest musical force to come out of Seattle in my opinion. No offense to Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell. Go back and listen to the Bob Dylan version of All Along The Watchtower, and then give Jimi’s version a spin. He was a genius. I wish he was still around.

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