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Dori: My friendly disagreement with Duff McKagan over plastic bag ban should be the norm

Environmental activists want to enact a statewide plastic bag ban. Guns N' Roses' Duff McKagan thinks this is a good idea; KIRO Radio's Dori Monson does not. Both remain friends, despite this disagreement. (Nicole Jennings/MyNorthwest)

I’m telling you, I found myself in the midst of a little bit of a worldwide maelstrom Thursday night.

After talking about the proposed statewide plastic bag ban on the show Wednesday and Thursday, I sent out a Tweet talking about how I think it’s silly for Washington state to do a ban because it does nothing for the planet.

I explained that 95 percent of the plastic in our oceans comes from just 10 rivers, eight in Asia and two in Africa. The United States contributes very little, and of that, Washington state is just a tiny percentage. It just struck me as an exercise in futility to enact a statewide plastic bag ban.

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During the show on Thursday, my friend and Guns N’ Roses member Duff McKagan sent out a Tweet completely disagreeing with me.

Duff was not able to come on the show and talk with us because he’s been in Africa on tour with the band. In fact, he had just gotten offstage when he sent that Tweet — he told us he was feeling “amped up” after the concert.

I sent a reply, in which I told him how much I loved the feedback and looked forward to working together on Seattle’s many issues.

Duff then sent a Tweet to his 1.17 million followers reiterating that while he can disagree with me on certain political topics like the statewide plastic bag ban, it does not affect the strength of our friendship.

After that, so many of Duff’s followers from around the world began applauding us for being able to have a civil discourse. I was getting messages from people in Brazil and China, which were quite fun to read.

But I thought, how odd, that being nice to each other despite disagreeing on a topic becomes this huge, prominent thing. Many of the comments said that for most people, if someone disagrees with them, it ends their friendship. How stupid is that?

Is it really that notable that a couple of buddies said, “Hey, I disagree with you, but that’s okay?” I can disagree with anybody and have zero residual effect as long as the underlying basis of it is friendship and trust. It’s sad that that is not the norm in today’s society.

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