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Rantz: Seattle Antifa protester threatens journalist, ‘Are you willing to die?’

Seattle Police officers line the street in front of City Hall in 2018. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

A member of the fringe, far left violent Antifa appeared to threaten a journalist with death during a weekend counter-protest in Seattle, asking him if he’s “willing to die?”

On Saturday, to protest liberal media bias, Washington Three Percenters got together in Downtown Seattle. This angered Progressive activists. They organized a Say No to Misogyny, White Supremacy, and Anti-Semitism event, a counter-protest.

Portland-based independent journalist Andy C. Ngo was there to document the protest and Antifa members were not having it. He uploaded an edited video to his Twitter and YouTube feeds of his experience.

Ngo was repeatedly denied entry into the counter-protest area. “He’s not with us,” a protester told an SPD officer who helped Ngo gain entry. As he wandered the crowd, he was pushed and called a Nazi by protesters.

“He never said he was on either side and was simply trying to document it,” one SPD officer working the protest told me. “Many in the protest were blocking his path and yelling at him or telling him he had to leave. They even went and played childish games by putting their hands about an inch in front of is face and said ‘I’m not touching you’ like a five year old would.”

An old man, who said “I’ll take care of security,” constantly blocked Ngo as he tried to walk around the protesters’ area, while others, some in masks, taunted him. Later, a woman used a bullhorn to shout into Ngo’s face “Nazis go home.” Ngo, on Twitter, said “It was so loud that I felt physical pain in my ear drums.”

“So here’s the thing about being an anti-fascist: we’re on the wrong side and they’re on the wrong side and we’re not ashamed to be anti-fascist,” the woman said while standing next to several protesters covering their faces, apparently ashamed to be anti-fascists. “And if they think that they can come here and stick little teeny tiny weenie penis cameras in our faces to try to intimidate us, they can go take another thing because that is <expletive>… we’re not going to take their provocation.”

Not everyone took the message, including one man who maniacally stared him down before threatening him:

I can see in your eyes that you’ve got some Asian descent. Check your <expletive> history. The history shows you that you can’t trust your enemy but you’re using your enemy against us. Spying. Cuz it’s coming. I’m bringing the energy. That’s why they keep checking on me, you understand? Because they wanna know. I’m known to do this <expletive> for real. Cuz some of us didn’t really come to talk, some of us really come to die, dude. Are you willing to die for a YouTube <expletive>? Yeah but that’s what’s gonna come. That’s what’s coming to you dude. Real <expletive>. You feel that energy? That’s why your heart’s pounding. I’m here to let you know judgement’s here and you spying… is gonna get you end up hurt.

This particular  individual is well known to officers. One told me the man can become violent. Ngo suspects he was one of the three who was arrested at a recent Patriot Prayer counterprotest.

You can view Ngo’s video here (warning: language may be offensive to some).

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