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war on christmas
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Ross: The War on Christmas is back for a cage match


Last night, without warning, the War on Christmas broke out, again, on Fox.

“The latest chapter in the War on Christmas … featuring a far-left pastor putting the baby Jesus in a cage to protest President Trump,” exclaimed Fox’s Sean Hannity.

It’s so on.

Christmas is under siege in Massachusetts! When reporters arrived they saw it for themselves.

“The baby Jesus in a cage, the wise men closed off by a wall,” said one reporter describing the scene.

Now, baby Jesuses are often stolen as a prank, but that’s not why this one was in a cage. The pastor was deliberately criticizing immigration policy.

“We try to take a picture of the world as it is, and put it together with a Christmas message,” Pastor Fr. Stephen Josoma of St. Susanna’s Parish in Dedham.

The Christmas message being about Jesus, who famously said “as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” Which is why Jesus is portrayed as separated from his parents.

But what was most significant to me is that the whole display is encased in glass. Presumably to protect it from those whose hostility might be triggered by it.

Which tells me the real war, in this case, is a war on Christians — those who believe that Jesus really meant it when he said that unless you care for the poorest among you, you will face a divine interrogator worse than Robert Mueller.

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