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Rantz: Progressives really are coming for your guns in Washington

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It really does go without saying at this point: Progressive activists really are coming for your guns. And they’re not even trying to hide it anymore.

Ill-intentioned law after ill-intentioned law, it’s a strategy they devised long ago. Anti-gun zealots with the Alliance for Gun Responsibility (a group that believes it’s most responsible not to own a gun at all) has claimed, all along, that they just want sensible gun laws that will make it harder for bad guys to get access to guns, while respecting the rights of gun owners. Behind the scenes, however, they craft bills to attack problems that don’t exist, using fear to dupe citizens into giving away their gun rights that lead to no measurable results.

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Having just dramatically redefined what qualifies as an “assault weapon” (a term they willfully misuse) and depriving 18-20 years old of their constitutional right to bear arms (while postponing the rights of minors, though without them being offered the right to vote on it, but I guess we should only listen to the youth when we agree with them), they have added more to their crusade.

Now, they want to ban “high capacity magazines” because the more bullets you have, the more deadly you can be. Conversely, the more bullets you have, the better you can defend yourself or the more efficient you can be while hunting, but, well, anti-gun activists don’t believe in your right to defense and they’re not down with hunters, not in any meaningful way at least. And, to go further, they’d like to see a limit to open carry in public places because guns are scary, I guess.

While they take away your gun rights, one nefarious campaign pitch at a time, they do nothing to stop actual bad guys from using guns. They show no concern with Burien gang violence, for example (hey, gangbangers don’t follow gun laws? Who knew?), but they sure don’t want the pro-gun protester allowed to openly carry a gun to make a political point they disagree with.

But don’t worry. This will save lives, they say, pretending we have a gun violence epidemic in the state. If you just pass this one law, we can save one victim because one gun violence victim is one too many. Well, the only way to actually stop anyone from being killed by a gun is to take away all guns which is, coincidentally, their intent.

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