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Dori: No, Gov. Inslee, you’re not Churchill, climate change isn’t Nazis

Governor Jay Inslee speaks during a meeting about climate change and sustainable development at United Nations headquarters, on March 23, 2017. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Gov. Jay Inslee says that we will not survive if we do not follow his lead with his new climate change plan. Apparently, his climate change plan is the equivalent of the Allies fighting the Nazis in World War II.

This is kind of like Winston Churchill in 1939. They asked him, ‘Why are you certain of victory? The Nazis are over [there] running Paris, and you’re talking about victory.’ And he said, ‘It’s pretty simple; there is no other option than victory. Because without victory, there is no survival.’ And that is the situation we are in today.

Not only is it apocalyptic, but it’s a little messianic. Gov. Inslee, I’m sorry, but you’re no Winston Churchill. And the bogus climate change extremism — I’m not saying there’s no climate change, but just that the extremism over it is bogus — is not Nazi Germany.

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By spending billions of dollars here in Washington state, Gov. Inslee is going to reduce carbon emissions globally one one-hundredth of one percent. That does not make you Winston Churchill, Governor. What you are suggesting is the equivalent of American troops grabbing a Nazi opponent in 1942 and giving him a paper cut. That’s essentially what you will do for the planet with your multi-billion-dollar climate proposal here in Washington.

Remember the last time that Gov. Inslee tried to quote a great historic figure? Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” In Inslee’s version, it became:

King talked about the long arc of justice — it’s long, but it bends to justice.

Hmm… I don’t know, it seems to be a little different when Inslee says it.

I know that Gov. Inslee’s advisers have convinced him that if he wants to be president of the United States, and that he has to find one issue that he can sink his teeth into and sell to the American people. And for some reason, the issue of climate change is the issue they have decided on.

And so he stands up at this news conference and says that if we don’t follow his lead, we will not survive — that he is Churchill and climate change is the Nazis.

The thing is, people in our state have bought this for two gubernatorial elections now. Look around at the reality of our lives. And sadly, the reality is that in our beautiful state, we have garbage everywhere. All in a state where the governor wants to be the “greenest” governor ever. We’ve got heroin-addicted vagrants everywhere. We’ve got homelessness and crime. I’m just not buying that your 2020 presidential campaign pitch is what’s best for the people of this state.

Maybe, Mr. Governor, you should just resign as governor and focus all your full-time energy on running for president. As for the rest of us, we’ve got a lot of problems here that still need solving before you get to your national campaign.

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