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Shower Thoughts: Favorite stuff of 2018 edition

It’s Wednesday, let’s do some Shower Thoughts, shall we? And no, do NOT think of me in the shower, that’s weird.

Bandwagon Fan
Is it me or is playoff football in the air? That was an ugly but nice win by the Seahawks on Monday Night. There have been six teams in the modern era that have won the Super Bowl as a Wild Card team. Just saying. I’m back on the bandwagon again. I was totally wrong about this team at the beginning of the season, buy I’m ecstatic to be wrong. Let’s do this 12s.

Michelle Obama’s book
I think I want to go see the Michelle Obama concert. Wait, is it a concert or a book tour? I usually think of a book tour happening at a Barnes and Noble in the mall, not by selling tickets through Ticketmaster and happening in a concert hall. But still, seems interesting. They should get Don to be the host. That would be fun.

Favorite stuff of 2018
I have an end of the year dilemma. I love all the 2018 lists – you know, the best movies of 2018, the best books, the best songs, and so forth. I read them looking to confirm that I have impeccable taste in the arts, then I feel bad that there is so much good stuff I ignored. Then I put pressure on myself to cram all the best of the year into the last few weeks of December. I probably should just ignore all the lists, but I can’t help myself. Text me your favorite stuff of the year.

For me:
Book – The Beastie Boys Book
TV – Ozark Season 2
Movies – Won’t You Be My Neighbor and Free Solo
Music – This Is America by Childish Gambino and Kamikaze by Eminem

Grinch follow-up
I followed my own advice from last week and got a small Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It’s my first tree in a decade. I’m happy to report that turning on those lights and drinking a cup of coffee by the tree with a fire going really does improve my mood. If you’ve been a Grinch like me, give it a try. I did the small fake tree cause ain’t nobody got time to chop down a real tree.

South Lake Union Trolley
Today marks the 11th anniversary of the South Lake Union Trolley opening. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all nine people that have ridden the trolley. So here’s to you Susan, Frank, Bob, Michelle, Marvin, Terry, Katie, Tim, and Stephanie. We couldn’t run this money pit and bicycle killer without you. If we can get just two more people to hop on board, we’ll reach our goal of one rider per year.

It’s snowing
And finally, the ski areas are opening up. Time to wax up the skis and snowboards. I’ll see you on the mountain soon.

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