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Viadoom commute: Driving to Seattle from Monroe, Lake Stevens area

Viadoom is coming. Starting January 11, 2019, Seattle’s Alaskan Way Viaduct will close without a replacement for three weeks. This means the 90,000 cars that use the route every day will be forced onto area streets and I-5. Traffic and patience will suffer.

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It also means that commutes throughout the region will be affected. In this special Chokepoint column, KIRO Radio’s Traffic Reporter Chris Sullivan breaks down the commute from Monroe and Lake Stevens area amid the Viadoom mayhem.

“The ripple affects could impact you,” Sullivan says. “…People coming from Monroe down through Woodinville, most of you probably come down 405 and take 520 or I-90 into downtown Seattle. The problem we are dealing with is that I-90 and 520 feed into I-5 … so you are going to be driving into the slowing.”

Hear Sullivan’s tips and advice for this Viadoom commute in the video above.

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