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seattle burglars
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Seattle burglars arrested after being foiled by embarrassingly tiny dog


Burglars are sometimes foiled by security systems and homeowners with guns — but in this case, it only took a miniature pinscher.

Seattle police arrested a burglar and his getaway driver on Northgate Way on Thursday, according to the SPD Blotter. It wasn’t exactly difficult for them. While the getaway driver waited in a not-at-all conspicuous gold Jeep Grand Cherokee with two bicycles strapped to the roof, his accomplice broke in through the basement window.

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At that point, a pinscher about a fifth the size of the burglar put on its big dog pants and chased the empty-handed suspect out of the house. He jumped back into the Jeep, probably lied to his accomplice about how big the dog was, and the two men sped away.

They didn’t get very far. After the victim called 911, the suspects were picked up merely three miles away and booked into King County Jail.

It’s believed that both are connected to various other more successful burglaries over the holidays, presumably at houses that didn’t have tiny dogs in them.

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