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Introducing the WSECU & KIRO Radio Hometown Hero: Cathi Rodgveller

SPONSORED — Inspiring and teaching the next generation of women in the areas of technology evolution is something Cathi Rodgveller takes great pride in. Cathi founded a program called “IGNITE,” a program that allows women in science, technology, engineering and math careers, also known as STEM disciplines, to inspire young girls in these areas.

Through IGNITE’s programs and under Cathi’s leadership, female and non-binary youth in underserved areas are exposed to a wide variety of opportunities for their futures. Cathi works tirelessly to shine a light on the subjects she is passionate about, all with the hope to improve these students’ futures and inspire them to consider careers in STEM fields.

“Providing this program for young women inspires me and I am so glad to have chosen this path. Helping girls succeed in our 21st century economy is so important,” Cathi said. “I want to make sure that young women know there is a place for them in STEM. It is so important to me to know that girls have access to this information- something that I wish I had growing up.”

From collaborating with teachers, school administrators and many volunteers, Cathi stays busy working on the multiple components of the IGNITE model. She trains volunteers so they are best prepared to inspire the girls through telling their stories. She trains teachers to understand how they can best utilize IGNITE’s programs for their students. Finally, Cathi trains companies on how they can have the greatest impact possible when hosting a group of girls for a tour.

Through Cathi’s dedicated efforts, IGNITE has impacted approximately 37,000 girls with 75 chapters and is growing worldwide.

If you would like to learn more about IGNITE or are interested in volunteering, please find more information here

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