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Feedback Friday — Dori, stop criticizing Chrissy Teigen’s looks

Write to us with your feedback, and you could be included in our Feedback Friday feature. (Hannah Chapman/FreeImages)

We’re rolling out a new Feedback Friday feature, where we collect a sampling of comments we receive over email and Facebook on various topics throughout the week. Want the chance to have your comments included in Feedback Friday? Send your thoughts about any show topics via email or the Dori Monson Facebook page.

‘President’ Jay Inslee

Time to walk the walk, Jay

“If Inslee becomes president, I believe he should put his money where his mouth is and become a sanctuary candidate. He should decline the Secret Service protection, and become a welcoming candidate, open to all without hateful protection. After all, the Secret Service is probably just a big bully just like ICE.”

– Eric in Snohomish

Inslee is a financial disaster

Has anyone else noticed how ready Jay Inslee is to spend our hard earned money — $1.1 million on the 74 orcas that live here AND in BC. Where is BC’s money? Now he wants a state-funded health care system. Let’s look at state health care. Our state’s west side has made itself a destination for homeless people and substance abusers who don’t work, plus a sanctuary area for illegals. These people need way more medical assistance than the average person who is working and probably has health care. Now add a state coverage for those that aren’t covered, paid for by the working people. Sounds to me like a financial disaster!

– Gary in North Bend

Anti-Amazon city council

Laughable that the Seattle City Council representatives are talking about Amazon doing shady dealings in Seattle to benefit their investments in the city. What was the benefit to residents and out-of-area visitors to the Mercer Mess road reconfiguration? I read that all the years of increased traffic and that headache on Mercer improved traffic commute times by a few minutes! What a joke. Which city leaders and their cronies financially benefited from that boondoggle?

And the Viaduct/Tunnel replacement project is another problem. Fewer exits to downtown from the tunnel, the Viaduct will come down — couldn’t they leave it as a community view park, biking area, or event site? Again, which politicians and/or their donors will benefit financially from unobstructed views of the sound from their properties once the Viaduct comes down? And they’re criticizing Amazon. What hypocrites!

– Grace in Marysville

Tolling downtown Seattle is hypocritical

$5,000 per year in tolls to go downtown ($20 per day) is the same amount it costs to go to North Seattle College for a year. The city says that education costs too much, but they want to toll the amount of a year’s tuition? INSANE!

– Eric in Seattle

What is a fair salary for teachers?

Our teachers do important work

I’m a long time listener and probably agree with you more often than not. Here’s the ‘however’ — what do you think would be a reasonable wage for an individual who is responsible for safely delivering our children/grandchildren from home to school and then back home? Remember, it is much more than simply a delivery service. They are usually the first point of any human interaction with these children outside the home, five days a week, setting the tone for the entire day.

What would you believe would be a reasonable wage for someone who spends more individual time with our at-risk students than anyone else in our schools? Whose main responsibility is to connect and educate these students so they have a chance at success? I could go on about the true value of the support staff, the 50 percent of staff that make up the backbone of our schools and universities, but I doubt that this communication will cause you to pause and … I need to get back to listening to you rant about those unions.

As Fraiser Crane would say, “ I’m listening.”

– George in Auburn

Social workers deserve as much as teachers

Thank you for calling out the greedy teachers unions; don’t forget to call out the despicable use of our children to acquire for some of them a 23-percent pay raise on our backs. Back in September, it was unbearable to listen to these teachers collectively scream and shout about how hard they had it, how important their jobs were, how they toiled. Oh, how they toiled seven months out of the year doing arts and crafts half of the day, and “teaching” a pre-packaged common core curriculum.

What about us social workers? People in my type of work? Most of us are risking our health and very life and safety to help children and families, homeless people, veterans, and the elderly. I have both sat and stepped in feces in clients’ homes, been sliced up by blackberry bushes walking into a homeless camp, and helped severely mentally ill and drug-addicted people get treatment … I take home $2,800 per month with the same level of education as these teachers, a bachelor’s degree. I pay nearly half of my monthly income to rent, yet I don’t qualify for any juicy social welfare programs. Where are the cries and moans for us? Some of my clients are living better than I am. God help us, Dori!

– Mary on Whidbey Island

Mental health needs to be a priority

My daughter is a 29-year-old, homeless, schizophrenic heroin addict who has ongoing hallucinations, delusions, and confusion. This article hit the nail on the head. Our mental health system is broken. Beyond broken…

Thank you for tackling this topic.

– Shari in Auburn

Dori, don’t criticize Chrissy Teigen’s looks

Even though I don’t always agree with some of your views, I still respect your opinion. However, today you were talking about how Chrissy Teigen feels the need to say how beautiful she is too much. I agree that some of the things she is doing are over the top and not always appropriate, but when you said how you’re a better-looking person than her and made it seem like you were calling her unattractive, that made me sad. Sad because women have always been under such ridicule for our looks. Men can be overweight and still be told that they are good-looking; women have this pressure of being made to feel that if we do not have perfect skin, hair, bodies, and so much more, that we are not beautiful.

We don’t have to like how she goes about things, and I don’t care for it either. You could have just stated how it was wrong for her to say the things she did. To say, though, that she is not good-looking because you don’t care for her behavior is a shame. All women should feel beautiful. I have a 13-year-old daughter and I never want her to feel like she isn’t perfect the way she is. All shapes, sizes, and types of women deserve to feel good about themselves. We are all beautiful to someone. I hope you have a great rest of your day and that you find a little more compassion and understanding.

– Mindy in Puyallup

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