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Shower Thoughts: Who’s ready for some Seahawks playoff football?


Happy first Friday of 2019! Let’s kick off the year with some fresh Shower Thoughts. These are the random things that pop into my brain, usually while I’m in the shower.

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I love playoff football. Especially when the Seahawks are in the mix. Double especially when they can punch the Cowboys in the face. Triple especially when they can shove that imaginary spoon down Zeke Elliot’s throat. I can’t stand that guy. Wow, that got a little intense. Go Hawks!

One of my New Year’s Iterations this year is to read more. To that end, I posted some pictures of my book nook on social media last night and asked what you’re reading right now. I’m enjoying your lists.

I also stumbled upon a cool concept on my recent trip to Japan. It seems people are enjoying the Japanese word Tsundoku (積ん読): acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in one’s home without reading them. I love it when other languages have a word that doesn’t exist in English to perfectly capture a thought.

If you’ve been watching the new season of Narcos: Mexico like I have, do yourself a favor and check out the crazy real-life testimony in the trial of drug lord El Chapo that went down this week. The son of the drug cartel leader went on a five hour rant in open court, spilling the beans on everything related to how tons of drugs end up in America. All the bribes, violence, tricks and techniques of one of the biggest drug lords in history. It’s quite a read.

I’ve probably taken more flights on Southwest Airlines than any other carrier in my life. I was sad to learn that Southwest’s founder Herb Kelleher died this week at the age of 87. His revolutionary approach to travel opened things up to a broke kid with a serious wanderlust back in the day. Being able to hop on a plane and go to California or Las Vegas or Texas for under $200 was a game changer in my life. Rest in peace, Herb.

If you’ve paused to take stock of your financial fitness as we start 2019, let me introduce you to Tyler Blevins. He is a professional Fortnite video game player under the handle “Ninja.” Tyler earned $10 million dollars last year playing video games. That is all.

Did I mention I’m looking forward to the Seahawks crushing the Cowboys tomorrow?

That’s a wrap on the first Shower Thoughts of 2019.

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