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A final Viadoom pep talk for your morning commute

The viaduct is officially closed for good, and many of you are likely either preparing, or are already on, your first commute in the wake of that closure.

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Here to help get with your last-second preparations is KIRO Radio’s resident traffic guru, Chris Sullivan.

“It’s go time — it’s my one last chance to give you a pep talk,” Sully said. “If you’ve been listening to me, you’ve been doing your planning, and good on you; you’re going to need it.”

We won’t know for sure just how much the viaduct closure will affect traffic in and around downtown Seattle, but most estimates agree that it’ll be a tough three weeks (estimated) before the new SR 99 tunnel opens.

That being so, remember to be patient and respectful to your fellow drivers out there on the road.

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