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One other thing to avoid during Viadoom: Spreading germs


Viadoom has officially started, and now, we may be getting more people on public transit than ever, and that also comes with the potential for spreading more germs, warns one doctor.

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If you’re on a bus and someone coughs or sneezes, you could be affected by up to 10 feet away, warns Dr. Edward Leonard of Overlake Hospital.

“With the finer particles, there have been studies that have shown the particles can spread across an entire room — we’re talking 10 feet or more,” he told KIRO Radio. “The larger droplets tend to be heavier, so they could drop off on to the ground within a few feet of a person who’s coughing or sneezing.”

For people who might be taking transit for the first time, avoiding sneezy, coughing seat-mates is imperative.

But if you’re the one who’s sick, be sure you’re coughing the correct way.

“Do the vampire cough — cough into your sleeve, not into your hand,” cautions Dr. Edward Leonard of Overlake Hospital.

Of course, he noted, the best way to avoid spreading germs is to call in sick. Don’t be on a bus in the first place if you’re feeling under the weather.

Dr. Leonard also advised that people carry hand sanitizer to avoid germs on a more consistent basis.

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