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To hold power, GOP must win state-by-state battles

(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

To hold the Senate and White House in 2020’s upcoming battle royal, Republicans must focus on state-by-state results, not the ups and downs in national opinion polls. In 2018’s midterms, Republicans lost 40 House seats, 7 governorships and 22 of 33 U.S. Senate races.

Yes: The GOP gained two Senate seats, but only because so many more Democratic incumbents faced re-election. In overwhelmingly conservative states like North Dakota, Indiana, and Missouri, Republican Senate candidates prevailed, as they did in one key swing state: Florida. But in other must-win states that Donald Trump carried last time — Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Arizona — Republican Senate challengers flopped.

They also lost in deep red West Virginia and Montana, while carrying Texas in a squeaker. To retain power in the Senate and Electoral College, the GOP needs a more positive, pragmatic problem-solving approach to broaden the party’s base.

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