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Washington university has most football arrests in the nation

Washington State University has more arrests of its football players in the past five years than any other college in the nation. 710 ESPN Seattle's Danny O'Neil says they didn't all happen under coach Mike Leach. (AP)

One of Washington’s own can boast being the top school in the nation, however, perhaps it’s not the kind of PR a college wants.

A recent survey of police records show that Washington State University has the most football players who have been arrested within the past five years.

“They have 31 arrest over the past 5 years,” 710 ESPN Seattle’s Danny O’Neil told KIRO Radio’s Seattle’s Morning News.

Mike Rosenberg, a former San Jose Mercury reporter, took data available on to compile a list of the nation’s top colleges with football arrests. The website is a dedicated database of sports arrests. Topping Rosenberg’s list is Washington’s own Wazzu.

O’Neil is quick to note that the record is not solely under current WSU football coach Mike Leach, who has been with the team since 2012.

“Mike Leach actually runs an incredibly tight ship. He’s got some no-tolerance policies when it comes to striking women, theft. And this is more than just his tenure. It includes the previous coach,” O’Neil said.

“Wazzu is going to be a team and a school that consistently has accepted guys and given them second chances,” he said. “It’s surprising to me, but not overall shocking. But it’s not all Mike Leach’s fault.”

Washington State University is followed by Florida State University with 24 arrests; Georgia with 22; Texas A&M with 22; and Oklahoma with 21.

The last arrest listed on the Arrest Nation website for Washington State University football players was on Sept. 7, 2014, when Daniel Ekuale and Theron West were taken into custody. The two players were allegedly found in a local bar and were underage. Later that same morning, according to, West was found speeding a car through an apartment parking lot, almost hitting a police officer.

Drew Loftus was arrested on July 31, 2014 for assault after he allegedly punched a person taking video inside a bar. He was underage. Loftus was also arrested in 2013 after he attempted to steal two bottles of tequila from a store by stuffing the bottles down his pants, according to NBC Sports. Loftus transferred to Wazzu from a Hawaiian university, where he was suspected of car prowling.

Ivan McLennan was arrested on June 15, 2014 on suspicion of unlawfully handling a weapon as he drove through an apartment complex pointing an airsoft gun at people.

Daquawn Brown was arrested on March 7, 2014 for allegedly assaulting a man and woman, leaving the woman with a concussion.

On the same day, Austin Brown, unrelated to Daquawn, was arrested for allegedly stealing from a Walmart.

Daquawn Brown was also arrested on Feb. 2, 2014 for allegedly driving without a license.

Gabe Marks was arrested on Feb. 8, 2014 on suspicion of assault, frequenting a tavern as a minor, public intoxication and criminal trespass.

In 2014, there were eight football players were arrested. There were seven in 2013; nine in 2012; four in 2011; and three in 2010.

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