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AOC vs. Dan Crenshaw is the battle we need

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Social media is shaking up politics. It is changing how we get information from our politicians and who we are listening to. We are all aware of how President Trump is using Twitter to disrupt the political world, but there is one other person in D.C. who is using a very similar playbook.

Freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become a powerhouse of influence on Twitter. Her 14.3 million interactions between mid-December and mid-January are second only to the president, among those in the political world. For reference, former President Barack Obama had 5.3 million interactions, and CNN had 3.3 million. A.O.C. is hugely influential, especially with the malleable minds of the younger generation. She’s young and hip, and she just doesn’t care.

The ideas that she is spreading on the depths of the interwebs are often irresponsible and dangerous, and someone needs to be the Godzilla to fight her Mothra.

One congressmember that comes to mind is Dan Crenshaw, the 34-year-old Republican from Texas’ Second District. He is memorable for his appearance on Saturday Night Live after he was made fun of by cast member Pete Davidson. Since then, he is gaining more and more influence with every television appearance, due to the intelligent conversations he is having. Rep. Crenshaw earned a Purple Hart in Afghanistan and boasts a respectable 163,000 Twitter followers.

Most of all, Crenshaw is likeable. He could be Godzilla. He could fight A.O.C. where older politicians can’t; on the internet. He could remind America that a millennial rationale opposition exists.

When A.O.C. goes on Facebook Live to search for Mitch McConnell in the Capitol Building, Crenshaw needs to go on Instagram Live and find her. He needs to shine a spotlight on her silly antics and show her and his followers how bipartisanship really works. He stands the best chance of reaching the impressionable youngsters and stopping them from sliding down the slippery slope of progressive politics into the pool of democratic socialism.

Help us Dan! You’re our only hope!

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