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‘Let’s build a ‘wence’ where we need it!’

The border fence between San Diego, Calif., and Tijuana, is reflected on a puddle of sea water as seen from Mexico, Thursday, Jan. 3, 2019. (AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza)

Let me ask you a question. Is this photo of a “wall” or a “fence?” Your answer may depends on which side of the aisle you sit on. If you’re a Democrat it’s a fence – if you’re a Republican, it’s a wall.

From where I sit, as an independent conservative, I’d like to refer to an existing portion of the barrier on the U.S.-Mexico border (which Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi voted on and approved), is simply a great American border “wence.”

All of this nonsense in Washington D.C. is a result of a definition debate that has paralyzed our country. The only option we have to find a bi-partisan agreement is to invent an entirely new word to describe the “barriers where needed” at the border.

I’m am in favor of DACA, increased immigration lawyers, hiring more doctors to treat those who are ill at the border, and increased legal immigration numbers. President Trump mentioned during the State of the Union address that he wants to see the greatest numbers of legal immigrants in our country’s history. I agree. But I am also in favor of building a wall/fence to protect Americans from potentially dangerous illegal immigrants, and the drugs they may be bringing with them.

I also think it is important for us to focus on the families in need here in Seattle. When we get enamored with conversation about the border crisis, we often forget that we have American families right outside our doorsteps sleeping in their cars and in tents.

I think we may be able to find a compromise on Team “Wence,” (I’m looking at you President Trump and Speaker Pelosi). Do the possible and invent a word to get yourselves out of this mess.

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