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Frankie MacDonald
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Canadian YouTube weather reporter Frankie MacDonald gives Seattle a warning

Frankie MacDonald (YouTube screenshot)

Amateur weather reporter Frankie MacDonald made it big in the world of YouTube — and now has a warning for Seattleites.

The Seattle snowstorm is “gonna bring around 12 inches of snow or more, especially in Seattle, Washington, Tacoma, Washington, and Olympia, Washington … there will be big piles of snow in the state of Washington,” MacDonald shouts in one of his latest YouTube videos.

He goes on to predict that the Seattle snowstorm will be “the biggest since 1996,” a reference to the Puget Sound’s famous Christmas 1996 snowstorm.

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The Nova Scotian monitors unusual weather activity around the world and alerts people to prepare.

His hit YouTube channel has garnered over 188,000 subscribers and resulted in a slew of Frankie MacDonald merchandise, including bobbleheads, mugs, action figures, and even a book titled, “Be Prepared: The Frankie MacDonald Guide to Life, the Weather, and Everything.”

MacDonald grew up with a passion for meteorology, and launched his YouTube channel 10 years ago. Since becoming a weather star, he has been featured by prominent news outlets like CBC News.

He told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson that this latest snowstorm would likely last several days.

He advised Dori’s listeners to buy their groceries, get their snow shovels out, and have their electronics fully-charged in case of power outages.

“Be prepared,” he stressed.

But one suggestion stands out from the rest.

“I recommend people to order your pizzas, order Chinese food,” he said.

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