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Howard Schultz
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CNN hosts Howard Schultz for town hall as he mulls presidential bid

(Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

Former Starbucks CEO, and constant subject of Seattle’s SuperSonic ire, Howard Schultz will be hosted on CNN Tuesday night for a town hall.

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Schultz will field questions from Texas voters at 7 p.m., for a live event hosted by CNN reporter Poppy Harlow. The audience will be comprised of representatives from Texas civic and educational interests.

Schultz is widely known as the man who lead Starbucks to global success. He is also known around the Pacific Northwest as one of the individuals integral in moving the Seattle SuperSonics to Oklahoma City in 2008. Outside of the sphere of professional sports, many Democrats fear that he’d siphon off enough votes to help Donald Trump get re-elected to a second term.

On his side of things, he’s running as a “centrist independent,” attempting to rise above the fray of partisan politics.

“President Bush and President Obama both individually tried to pass comprehensive immigration,” Schultz noted in a recent interview with CNN. “The Republican president and the Democratic president both failed because the opposition party would not allow them to have a political victory.”

Schultz has yet to officially launch his own campaign, but has maintained that he’s “seriously thinking” about the possibility. Tuesday’s Town Hall would hopefully shed more light on that possibility.

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