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Ross: Hey Mr. Kelly, R you kidding me with this excuse?

Kelly performs during The Buffet Tour at Allstate Arena on May 7, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

This R. Kelly story is about as far from my world as a story can get. But I have some observations. Any male Grammy winner who takes a young girl home without a certified birth certificate provided by her parents along with a signed and witnessed release form deserves whatever happens to him.

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But Dave what about the girls? Why aren’t they at fault?

Because girls can be dazzled by celebrities – as can boys. When I was 12, I was dazzled by Angela Cartwright and Sharon from the Mickey Mouse Club. I had no way of getting to Los Angeles. But I can tell you, had one of them offered me a plane ticket I’d have gone and lied about my age.

Especially if my parents had given me permission. Like with R. Kelly’s girlfriend, Clary, who told Gayle King that her parents instructed her to tell Kelly that she was 18, when she was actually 17 years old.


— CBS This Morning (@CBSThisMorning) March 7, 2019

Wait, 18? She sounds like about age 12 even now! When you’re 30 years older than your date, the burden is on you.

This whole saga should remind us why we have elaborate and expensive marriage customs – both families may be in hock, but at least they’re prepared for their kids to move out and have sex.

Instead, here, we are witnessing the fifth remake of a Star is Born, except with R. Kelly in place of Bradley Cooper. And that is very different movie.

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