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Spady: We need to create the Millennial Republican Party

The Washington State Legislature has voted to change when we vote on presidential primary candidates from late-May to March. Voting in March will put Washington before 30 other states, giving our state’s primary pick much more influence in the nation.

This is a good thing, but within it is kind of a scam. Washington is going to require voters to attest to being either a Republican or a Democrat before casting their vote. They’re trying to force us into the political boxes that we are trying so hard on this show to break open.

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If the Republican Party is going to force me to be a part of it, then I am going to push back, because I actually enjoy winning. I think we’re going to need to make some changes to this loser’s party before I am willing to attach myself to it. Dare I say it — I think we need to “Ocasio-Cortez” the Republican Party.

We need to create a new image, a new party for young conservatives who are wanting for change — The Millennial Republican Party.

In this new party we will attack core conservative issues with 21st century solutions. We will promote leaders who are fiscally responsible, transparent, and accountable to results. We will find candidates who are willing to listen to, and respond to, their constituents. They won’t be afraid to be vulnerable, or to have real conversations about their accomplishments.

The Democrats and the Republicans define our system and our solutions. If they are forcing me into this fight, and forcing me to join one of their parties, then I am not going to acquiesce to their rules. Millennial Republicans are going to push back and transform the party to the 21st century because the decisions we make now will affect all of us. If we are not willing to cross the aisle and work with others then we will not be able to beat the extremes on the left and the right.

I want all of you to join me, no matter your age. We need a new party that appeals to all by being effective and solution oriented. We need to appeal to Democrat and Republican voters who are put off by the direction their parties are heading. We need everyone to join the Millennial Republican Party.

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